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Illuminate 2022 Program

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Choreographed by: Isabella McLoy and Xander Specht

Music: “bamboo” by P-LO, “After Last Night” by Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak & Silk Sonic, and “Way Out (feat. Big Sean)” by Jack Harlow

Dancers: Bella McLoy, Xander Specht, Alea Dosty, Blair Cabunoc, Cat Esguerra, Daniel Puga, Daryl Goh, David (DJ) Marinez, Elijah Malabuyo, Fernando Valdivia, Jessica Vanden Beukel, Joie Rahn, Katrina Swenson-Aguirre, Maiya Fukui, Malia Weingarten, Melvin Tabios, Misaki Tanabe, Olivia Huyler, Ronniesha Smith, Sachi Goli, Taylor Eng, Vestna Khok

Choreographed by: Chloe Szeto, Katrina Swenson-Aguirre, Kylie Wong

Music: “Malama Mau Hawai’i” by Amy Gilliom and “Malae” by Sefa

Club Description: The Hula Club is a branch of Cal Poly Hui ʻO Hawaiʻi, a social and cultural club that aims to spread aloha and focuses on providing an inclusive space where others can share their background and interests! Hula is the heartbeat of Hawaiʻi, and the choreography in each dance tells a story, connecting people to the islands. The Hula Club welcomes anyone interested in learning more about traditional and modern hula, Tahitian dance, Hawaiian language and culture.

Dancers: Madison Anderson-Au, Kristen Jackson, Lauryn Sugai, Keala Sunada, Katrina Swenson-Aguirre, Chloe Szeto, Kylie Wong

Choreographed by: B.B. Trippin, Jinwoo Yoon, Nino Kim, Bada Lee, Mihawk Back, Youjin Won, Yumeki, Hansol Lee, Kyle Hanagami

Music: “FIRST” by EVERGLOW, “Easy” by Stray Kids, “MAVERICK” by THE BOYZ, and “So What” by LOONA

Club Description: KASA Dance Crew, or KDC, is a non-audition K-pop cover dance crew associated with Cal Poly’s Korean American Student Association (KASA). Through music and dance, KDC strives to learn about both pop and traditional Korean culture while fostering a sense of community on campus.

Dancers: Anais Ng, Ananya Yerneni, Andrew Kim, Angela Choi, Anna Skoglund, Austin Koonvirarak, Avanti Gummaraju, Deanna Nguyen, Jackie Wong, Jacob Kwong, Jasmine Chen, Jeremy Lee, Joey Aguirre, Joie Rahn, Joshua Lin, Julianna Caballero, Kat Treiber, Kayla Yi, Leah Hom, Louie Sabillo, Matthieu Gol, Mieko Oda, Ray Wu, Stephanie Yip, Taylor Eng, Trinity Sung

Choreographed by: Zachary Regner, Izzy Pascua, Noah Alagao, Josh Queja, Therese Young

Music: “Tinikling” by Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company

Club Description: Kasayahan is the traditional dance troupe for the Pilipino Cultural Exchange (PCE), the Filipino cultural club at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. As a non-audition group that does not require experience to join, they seek to create an environment where members can experience and learn traditional dances alongside fellow members of diverse backgrounds. In Tagalog, Kasayahan translates to “celebration,” which they aim to reflect as they celebrate Filipino culture through dance. Not only do they want to entertain, but they also want to teach the audience and dancers the historical background and cultural significance of the dances. Each dance has its own story and roots, allowing us to take a glimpse into the immense diversity within Filipino culture. In this performance, they will be performing “Tinikling”, the national dance of the Philippines. The dance originated from the island of Leyte during the time of Spanish colonial rule around the 1500s. Dancers imitate the movement of tikling birds running between grass, stems, and branches, as well as dodging bamboo traps set by farmers. Performers recreate the legendary grace and speed of these birds by skillfully stepping in and out of bamboo poles clapped together to a steady rhythm. Typically performed at special events, Tinikling is regarded as one of the most popular dances of the Philippines.

Dancers: Aaron Alarcon, Alexis Mojica, Amaya Ibuna, Audrey Esteban, Britney Lozano-Escareño, Carlos Martinez, Daisy Kamp, Danielle Caparas, Daniel Kim, Eirene Ednacot, Ged Mulingtapang, Isabel Lao, Izzy Pascua, Jamey Farin, Jamila Sims, Jandre Lafradez, Jed Narvaez, Jett Costibolo, Josh Queja, Joy Fukushima, Kristin Manalo, Kristine Javar, Lauren McGrath, Lizzie Dilao, Mackenzie Bunyi, Marinel Liesl Jorgensen, Maxine Ancheta, Mia Quaglierini, Mia-Isobel Craig, Nate Pineda, Noah Alagao, Saif Younis, Sidney Grey, Cortez Gana, Sophia Escalona, Sophie Burkhardt, Therese Young, Tori Gordon, Vincent Viloria, Zac Regner, Zie Dado

Choreographed by: Sophie Zhao and Kunhua Cheng

Music: “下潛” by 川青 & Morerare

Club Description: ShanWu is an up-and-coming dance group that specializes in routines inspired by Traditional Chinese dance. The name ShanWu comes from the Chinese proverb “能歌善舞 (Neng Ge Shan Wu)”, which means “skilled in singing and dancing.” The members of ShanWu seek to explore a unique style that inherits the aesthetic of Chinese dance, fused with self-expression. The motivation for forming this group is to present the essence of Chinese culture through dance. As a group led by students, they welcome everyone who shares the same interest regardless of skill level. With profound passion and a strong will to grow as dancers, members of ShanWu aspire to be “skilled in dancing” and bring diversity to the dance community at Cal Poly. 

Dancers: Joyce Lai, Kitty Zhuang, Kunhua Cheng, Sophie Zhao, Sydnee Tan

Choreographed by: Annabelle Cole

Music: “El Huizache” by Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlan and “El Toro Relajo” by Selena

Club Description: Imagen y Espíritu Ballet Folklórico de Cal Poly is a student-lead dance club that participates in various Cal Poly events as well as local community events. Students are encouraged to join in and learn artistic skills, which enhance the participant’s dancing abilities in traditional Mexican regional dances.

Dancers: Annabelle Cole, Brissa Rico, Brandi Zepada, Gloria Sevilla, Katia Luiz Diaz, Luke Mendoza, Marlen Reyes, Monica Gamez, Sebastian Contreras, Sergio Coronel

Choreographed by: Jathun “J-Tunez” Somasundaram

Music: “Never Never Land” by The UMC’s

Club Description: SLO Breakers aims to promote a community based on the knowledge of hip hop culture and foster a safe space for underrepresented students on campus. The club’s main focus is to provide a creative, inclusive, and inspiring atmosphere for people who are interested in one of the five elements of hip hop, breaking. And yes, it is breaking, not breakdancing.

Dancers: Brad Biscocho, Bryan Carrillo, Cameron Shimokawa, Carlos Martinez, Elvin Luong, Enrico Sangalang, Fred Agregado, Jacob Kwong, Jathun Somasundaram, Joe Schneider, Jonathyn Yip, Lee Morkved, Louie Sabillo, Paul Samson, Tyler Ragasa

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Choreographed by: Kyle Liang, Jeffrey Chiu, Deven Kimoto, 盖盖&Lay Zhang, Lay Zhang

Taught By: Kitty Zhuang, Kunhua Cheng

Music: “Attention” by Charlie Puth, “Beggin’” by Madcon, “MORE” by K/DA, “Lit” by LAY, and “Flying Apsaras” by LAY

Club Description: Take Out Kidz (TOK) is a non-audition dance group associated with Cal Poly’s Chinese Students’ Association. They are open to anyone with the slightest interest in dancing, with or without experience, and give them a chance to practice and perform with one another. TOK has been working hard to learn different dance styles, including to incorporate cultural elements, and create an open inclusive environment. 

Dancers: Aaron Susantin, Amanda Lee, Ava Zhu, Belinda Kuo, Deven Kimoto, Eugene Lee, Evy Nguyen, Helen Zhan, Jasmine Chen, Jeffrey Chiu, Jeremy Lee, Joshua Lin, Joyce Lai, Justine Teoh, Keren Coyte, Kiana Wong, Kitty Zhuang, Kunhua Cheng, Kyle Liang, Leslie Gomez, Maggie Yang, Maui Paraiso, Maddy Lee, Nami Suzuki, Nolan Jeung, Quynh Nguyen, Sophie Zhao, Sydnee Tan, Vestna Khok, Vianna Yang, Yiming Jia

Choreographed by: Frankie Manning, Haylie Tallon, Selene Shevchenko

Music: “Tain’t What You Do” by Jimmy Lunceford

Club Description: CP Swing is a group of dancers who love Lindy Hop, Charleston, Collegiate Shag, Balboa, and various other varieties of swing. CP Swing is hosting a Balboa workshop next Saturday and encourages you to sign up! They are also hosting a free social dance at 7pm that evening. All levels are always welcome!

Dancers: Cami Lowrey, Haylie Tallon, Joe Macfarlane, Keavon Chambers, Ruben Atilano, Sachi Goli, Stephen Alvarado

Choreographed by: Alex Goldstein, Keegan Cianfrone, Lee Conway, Isabella Walker, Siena Fiorentino, Christopher Ellwood, Daniel Levin

Music: “James Bond Theme” by Swingtips and “Mas Que Nada” by Bellini

Club Description: Cal Poly Ballroom is a community resource for getting involved in Ballroom dance and competition. Some dance styles include Waltz, West Coast Swing, Foxtrot, and tonight, they are performing Tango and Samba! From those with no experience to advanced dancers, the team provides everyone a way to learn about ballroom dancing as a social activity and a competitive sport. If you are interested in being part of the team, or just want to improve your dancing, stop by one of our Thursday social lessons and check it out! Check out their Instagram: @calpoly_ballroom. They hope you’ll find dancing to be as much fun as they do!

Dancers: Abbi Bennitt, Alex Goldstein, Benjamin Haering, Bennett Parisi, Chase Otsuka, Courtney Lang, Daniel Levin, David Aguirre, Eleanora Gravert, Isabella Walker, Izak Walker, Keegan Cianfrone, Kenneth Barron, Lee Conway, Nicole Murdock, Nicole Ruedger, Siena Fiorentino, Tessa Zhang

Choreographed by: Jordan Chew

Music: Performed live by Lion Dance Team

Club Description: Cal Poly LDT is a student-run Chinese Lion Dance Team founded in 1957 as a part of the Chinese Students’ Association. Not to be confused with dragon dancing, lion dancing consists of two people in a paper mache lion performing with a band consisting of drums, cymbals, and gongs. Lion Dance is a traditional Chinese dance performed to bring luck to the community, and as one of the only teams in the central coast, LDT performs at a wide variety of events throughout the year. LDT is open to students with any level of experience, and they hope to continue to share the culture with the central coast for years to come.

Dancers: Anne Kanazawa, Audrey Tran, Brian Song, Danny Dang, Dillon Tung, Emily McGlumphy, Jayden Phan, Jeremy Ye, Jonathan Ma, Jordan Chew, Joyce Zhou, Kaleigh Chi, Katie Ho, Kenneth Wong, Kyle Chang, Kylie Wada, Sean (YuTing) Sheng, Simon Lam, Sophia Wong, Stephanie Chan, Thea Yang, Uriel Flores

Choreographed by: Aimee Tan and Kelsea Jones

Music: “Vienna” by Billy Joel

Club Description: MERGE is an all levels recreational club that is centered around building an inclusive community through dance. They focus on contemporary and stylistic jazz dance styles. If you are interested in learning more information about MERGE and staying up to date on club activities, check out their Instagram @cpmergedance.

Dancers: Aimee Tan, Alyssa Guerra, Alyssa Turn, Amanda Schmier, Amber Schwarz, Cassi Sustayta, Chloe Wu, Cosette Gibler, Diana Owen, Griffin Benado, Hanna Jaynes, Izzie Vinci, Jackie Ting, Julia McDonald, Kelsea Clays, Kelsea Jones, Kyu Rhee Han, Leah Sarles, Lina Boukhateb, Madison Hirsch, Marisa Beresford, Mizuki Small, Samantha Garrett, Sarai Devi Dasi, Saule Baipsys, Seina Haruta, Sydney Tucknott, Tori McClelland, William Thai Huynh

Choreographed by: Elijah Malabuyo, Malia Weingarten, Katrina Swenson-Aguirre, Melvin Tabios, Caroline Maher, Fernando Valdivia

Music: “Bugler’s Dream And Olympic Fanfare Medley” by John Williams, “Trophies (feat. Drake)” by Young Money, “Gold Medal” by Charly Black, “Dive In” by Trey Songz, “Gymnastics” by Meekz, “Run Boy Run” by Woodkid

Club Description: United Movement is a non-audition dance club serving to foster an inclusive, safe environment where people of all backgrounds are welcome to grow together as dancers and individuals. United Movement upholds its motto “Growth in Community, Community in Growth” throughout all its club activities.

Dancers: Adam Pazcoguin, Alea Dosty, Alex Goldstein, Alex Liu, Amy Lan, Andrew Spranger, Angelo Lozano, Avanti Gummaraju, Blair Cabunoc, Caroline Maher, Catherine Esguerra, Chloe Peng, Chloe Wu, Cortez Barriente, Daniel Puga, Daryl Goh, David (DJ) Marinez, Deanna Nguyen, Elijah Malabuyo, Emmi Ly, Fernando Valdivia, Harold Aguirre, Isabella McLoy, Jacob Canale, Jeffrey Chiu, Jessica Parker, Jessica Vanden Beukel, John Rivera, Joie Rahn, Joie Wong, Jordan Perlas, Julianna Caballero, Julia Reddy, Juliette Garcia, Katie Ebeling, Katrina Swenson-Aguirre, Keiko Watanabe, Kyle Liang, Kylie Tolentino, Kyu Rhee Han, Lauren Asmussen, Lauren Le Sage, Madison Anderson-Au, Maiya Fukui, Malia Weingarten, Marissa Thai, Mayra Juarez, Melvin Tabios, Michelle Cullen, Michelle Hattersley, Mieko Oda, Misaki Tanabe, Moraya Wallace, Nanami Narusawa, Olivia Huyler, Ronniesha Smith, Sachi Goli, Sandy Ing, Shirley Liu, Simone Helfrich, Taylor Eng, Tiana Reber, Trinity Sung, Tyra Adair, Vestna Khok, Xander Specht

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Daryl Goh and Melvin Tabios
featuring Cydel Subijano announcing UM

Faculty Club Advisor

Prof. Diana Stanton

2021-2022 United Movement Board

Co-Presidents: Daryl Goh and Melvin Tabios
Treasurer: Ally Lai
Illuminate Directors: Jordan Perlas and Cat Esguerra
Creative Directors: Marissa Thai and Jessica Vanden Beukel
Marketing Director: Caroline Maher
Historian: Sandy Ing
Dance Coordinators: Elijah Malabuyo and Malia Weingarten
Secretary: Avanti Gummaraju
Social Chair: Jacob Canale

Illuminate Planning Committees

Elijah Malabuyo, Malia Weingarten, Bella McLoy, and Xander Specht

Marissa Thai and Jessica Vanden Beukel

Sandy Ing, Alex Liu, Lauren Asmussen, and Tianqi Xu

Daryl Goh, Melvin Tabios, Jordan Perlas, Jacob Canale, Alea Dosty, David (DJ) Marinez, Harold Aguirre, and Nanami Narusawa

Caroline Maher, Cat Esguerra, Chloe Wu, Kylie Tolentino, Misaki Tanabe, and Moraya Wallace

Ally Lai, Avanti Gummaraju, and Daniel Puga