United Movement

Illuminate 2023 Program

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Choreographed by: Katrina Swenson-Aguirre, Hirsh Kedia

Description: This is the live performance version of United Movement’s annual promotional video made to spread the word about the Illuminate dance showcase. Here, we aim to create deeper friendships, a strong work ethic, and a killer video.

Music: “Yeah! (feat. Lil Jon & Ludacris)” by Usher, “Vegas” by Doja Cat

Dancers: Aaron Susantin, Alea Dosty, Alex Tran, Angee Fang, Blair Cabunoc, Cat Esguerra, Chloe Wu, Emily Labrador, Emily Mendyke, Evelyn Young, Hirsh Kedia, Jacob Kwong, Jessica Vanden Beukel, Jessie Vo, Joey Aguirre, Katherine Gomez-Martinez, Katrina Swenson-Aguirre, Kayla Guzman, Kristy Leung, Kylie Tolentino, LanAnh Nguyen, Lea Graham, Lucia Moratinos-Chu, Malia Weingarten, Marisol Mata, Mayra Juarez, Mayumi Paraiso, Misaki Tanabe, Natalie Murai, Ophelia Chiang, Raelyn Flores, Reese Lashinski, Ronniesha Smith

Choreographed by: Annabelle Cole, Josebet Luna

Music:El Son de la Negra” by Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán, “Los Machetes” by Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán

Club Description: Imagen y Espíritu Ballet Folklórico de Cal Poly is a student-lead dance club that participates in various Cal Poly events as well as local community events. Students are encouraged to join in and learn artistic skills, which enhance the participant’s dancing abilities in traditional Mexican regional dances.

Dancers: Brissa Rico, Evelyn Santa Rosa, Isaac Vazquez, Josebet Luna, Juan Osorio, Lian Martinez, Luke Mendoza, Mario Olivieri Villalvazo, Marlen Reyes, Miguel Ramos, Nayeli Rubalcava, Yitzel Vazquez

Choreographed by: Sudheendra Gamoji, Puneet Kaur Sangha

Music:Flower City Bhangra Chaal Competition” by Flower City Bhangra, “The Flaming Steps: Bhangra On Amplifier || Imran Khan” by Soul Records, “Gaddiyan Ch Yaar” by Jass Bajwa, “Jatti Jeone Morh Wargi” by Sidhu Moose Wala

Club Description: Cal Poly Bhangra promotes Punjabi culture through a high-spirited and energetic folk dance called Bhangra. Similar to California, Bhangra arises from an agriculturally rich state of India known as Punjab. This is also another reason why several of our dance moves mimic farmers’ movements. Our club fosters diversity and welcomes students from all backgrounds to cherish the rich Punjabi culture and heritage!

Dancers: Anmol Sharma, Jaskaran Singh Dhillon, Juliana Ornelas-Perez

Choreographed by: Keala Sunada

Music: “Kau Ka Pe’a” by Kalani Pe’a (feat. Pandanus Club, Kimie Miner & Kalenakū)

Club Description: Cal Poly Hui ‘O Hawai’i is a social and cultural club that aims to spread aloha and focuses on providing a space where people can share their backgrounds! We aim to provide social opportunities and to create a sense of ‘ohana (or family). Our Hula club is the performance team of Hui ‘O Hawai’i that teaches the dances of Hula ‘auana and Tahitian to members and people who have experience in these performance styles or are interested in learning them! We hope you enjoy our performance of storytelling through Hula and Tahitian.

Dancers: Bella McLoy, Faith Yasuda, Kaiya Suehiro, Katrina Swenson-Aguirre, Kayci Blevins, Keala Sunada, Kristen Jackson, Kylie Wong, Micah Inoshita, Natalie Salavatierra, Raquel Fujita, Saifya Rufino, Sara Cheng, Sebatian Monteroso-Quemado, Tegan Martin

Choreographed by: Jathun Somasundaram

Music: BBOY ZAO节奏 by meiyoumeiyou, NEVER by JID, Underground Sound by Joey Valence & Brae

Club Description: SLO Breakers aims to promote a community based on the knowledge of hip-hop culture and foster a safe space for underrepresented students on campus. The club’s main focus is to provide a creative, inclusive, and inspiring atmosphere for people who are interested in one of the five elements of hip hop, known as breaking. And yes, it’s breaking, not breakdancing.

Dancers: Andrew Tran, Bryan Carrillo, Carlos Martinez, Cameron Shimokawa, Jacob Kwong, Joe Schneider, Jathun Somasundaram, Jonathyn Yip, Jordan Chew, Lee Morkved, Louie Sabillo, Mailee Vang, Ozzy Reyes, Zie Dado

Choreographed by: Jordan Chew

Music: Original Arrangement by Jordan Chew

Club Description: Cal Poly LDT is a student-run Chinese Lion Dance Team founded in 1957 as a part of the Chinese Students’ Association. Not to be confused with dragon dancing, lion dancing consists of two people in a paper mache lion performing with a band consisting of drums, cymbals, and gongs. Lion Dance is a traditional Chinese dance performed to fight off evil and bring luck to the community, and as one of the only teams in the central coast, LDT performs at a wide variety of events throughout the year. LDT is open to students with any level of experience, and we hope to continue to share the culture with the central coast for years to come.

Dancers: Aidan Tran, Alansito Guillermo Servin Ochoa, Alyssa Wu, Annabelle Kao, Audrey Tran, Austin Chai, Bryan Lai, Connor Wang, Damien Butler, Darin Gong, Ethan Tse, Jason Loo, Jayshan Parameswaran, Jonathan Ma, Jordan Chew, Joyce Zhou, Kaleigh Chi, Kenneth Wong, Makenzie Kan, Matthew Wong, Michael Lee, Samantha Santosa, Simon Lam, Stephanie Chan

Choreographed by: Keone Madrid and Quick Style Crew, Mihawk Back, Star System, Sooyeon, Riye, Keeyeoun with Keens, Sienna Lalau

Music:Blood Sweat & Tears” by BTS, “REVEAL” by THE BOYZ, “Oh my god” by (G)I-DLE, “Scream” by Dreamcatcher, “ON” by BTS

Club Description: KDC is a non-audition K-pop cover dance crew. Through music and dance, KDC strives to learn about both pop and traditional Korean culture while fostering a sense of community on campus.

Dancers: Alex Tran, Alex Truong, Alexia Silva, Alissa Wong, Anais Ng, Ananya Yerneni, Andrew Kim, Angela Chen, Angela Choi, Anna Skoglund, Anthony Minasian, Anthony Nguyen, Audrey Kong, Austin Koonvirarak, Avanti Gummaraju, Bay Baysinger, Brandon Eng, Charlene Zhang, Christine Han, Claire Bak, Crystal Huang, Deanna Nguyen, Drew Valentino, Eislynn Zheng, Erika Puga, Ignes Lim, JC Andrade, Jackie Wong, Jacob Kwong, Jacquline Lee, Jasmine Boonsanong, Jasmine Chen, Joie Rahn, Joseph Aguirre, Joshua Lin, Julianna Caballero, Kameron Nicholson, Kasey Liu, Kat Treiber, Katy Byron, Kyurahe Han, Leah Hom, Liana Chen, Lindsay McGaughy, Louie Sabillo, Matthieu Gol, Michelle Chi, Mieko Oda, Naeryl Ronquillo, Nicole Cung, Ophelia Chiang, Pearl Khamvatee, Phoebe Wong, Ray Wu, Samiksha Karimbil, Sarah Trinh, Serin Kim, Sophia Chang, Sophia Oathout, Stanley Keopilavan, Stephanie Liu, Tiffany Liu, Trinity Sung

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Choreographed by: Sydnee Tan, Kunhua Cheng, Sophie Zhao

Inspirations: 舞蹈风暴 【惑·心】,ODP过期舞团 《时候》,八拍_雨唅吖《五毒》

Music: 《时候》 by 苏运莹,《山灵》 by 星海音乐学院舞蹈学院,《人间》 by 一支榴莲

Club Description: ShanWu is an up-and-coming dance group that draws inspiration from Chinese traditional dance and culture. The name ShanWu comes from the Chinese proverb “能歌善舞,” which roughly translates to “multi-talented and versatile.” The dancers of ShanWu seek to communicate the essence of Chinese culture through visual storytelling and to bring diversity to the dance community at Cal Poly. The theme for this set is based on the Chinese short story “The Painted Skin.” Throughout the set, we follow the journey of fox spirits as they’re torn between the chaotic relations of human society and the world beyond. In this story, “huapi” is a synonym for duplicity — someone that wears an outwardly innocent face, but is inwardly conniving.

Dancers: Christina Yee, Eugene Lee, Evelyn Young, Helen Zhan, Hillary Chu, Joyce Lam, Kunhua Cheng, Madeline Lee, Megan Tseng, Sophie Zhao, Sydnee Tan

Choreographed by: Katrina Swenson-Aguirre

Music: “Jungle” by Last Voices

Club Description: Cal Poly Hui ‘O Hawai’i is a social and cultural club that aims to spread aloha and focuses on providing a space where people can share their backgrounds! We aim to provide social opportunities and to create a sense of ‘ohana (or family). Our Hula club is the performance team of Hui ‘O Hawai’i that teaches the dances of Hula ‘auana and Tahitian to members and people who have experience in these performance styles or are interested in learning them! We hope you enjoy our performance of storytelling through Hula and Tahitian.

Dancers: Bella McLoy, Faith Yasuda, Kaiya Suehiro, Karla Andrade, Katrina Swenson-Aguirre, Kayci Blevins, Keala Sunada, Kristen Jackson, Kylie Wong, Micah Inoshita, Safiya Rufino, Sara Cheng, Tegan Martin

Choreographed by: Anvita Vyas, Misha Bandi, Rohit Nandyala

Music:Take You Dancing (Jason Derulo) x Thumka (Zack Knight)” by Pranesh, “Bang Bang (Neeti Mohan, Benny Dayal) & Tattoo (Shefali Alvares) Mash Up” by Zee Music Company, “Barso Re (Shreya Goshal) x Do Re Mi (Blackbear)” by DJ Amsal, “Bezubaan Phir Se” by Vishal Dadlani, Anushka Manchanda, Madhav Krishna

Club Description: Cal Poly Andaaz is SLO’s first competitive Co-ed Film Song Dance Team. Our music especially comes from Indian films mixed with various western pop music. Our club focuses on promoting diversity through an amalgamation of western, contemporary, folk, and classical dances. Andaaz strives to create a collaborative environment through a unique leadership structure where dancers get the experience of being on sub-teams and providing valuable, critical contributions to team development for performances and intercollegiate competitions.

Team Captains: Anvita Vyas, Sujanya Srinath, Sejal Rathi

Dancers: Aanyaa Khara, Akanksha Banerjee, Amogh Prajapati, Anika Mamidwar, Archana Pisupati, Architha Dhananjayan, Diya Patel, Farhaan Khan, Harsimran Preet Singh, Maanya Asuti, Manvika Satish, Misha Bandi, Neeha Ravi, Pallavi Das, Prisha Agarwal, Priyal Malhotra, Rohit K. Nandyala, Shrishti Dutta, Soumya Bakshi, Sudheendra Gamoji, Tanvi Thota, Tanya Jain

Choreographed by: Josh Queja, Amaya Ibuna, Vincent Viloria, Juan Centeno, Pao Navarro, Zander Sadorra

Music: “Sayaw sa Bangko” by Juan Silos Jr. & His Rondalla

Club Description: Kasayahan, which means “celebration” in Tagalog, displays PCE’s celebration of the Filipino culture through traditional dance. Participating in Kasayahan not only entertains, but teaches both the audience and our performers more about Filipino heritage as each dance has cultural significance. No dance experience is necessary and members learn from other members.

Dancers: Andreo Dela Cruz, Chef Escalona, Denise Garcia, Gibbson San Luis, JC Abraham, Jacob Pedler, Jamila Sims, Josh Queja, Juan Centeno, Juilanne Hom, Kaila Aquino, Lauren McGrath, Lauren Parcutela, Maggie Yang, Noah Alagao, Pao Navarro, Saif Younis, Therese Young, Vincent Viloria, Xarina Lansang, Zac Regner, Zander Sadorra, Zoey Camarillo

Choreographed by: Madeline Lee, Vestna Khok, Kunhua Cheng, Eugene Lee

Music:Circus” by Britney Spears, “Nice & Slow (Ryan James Carr Remake)” by Usher, “Veil (English Version)” by Lay, “SASA BGM” by Vinida Weng

Club Description: Take Out Kidz (TOK) is CSA’s open-style, non-audition dance group that places emphasis on original, student-created choreography, as well as diversity and community in dance. From newcomers first delving into the world of choreography and movement to more advanced dancers expressing themselves through their unique styles, TOK has been a platform for hundreds of dancers throughout the years since its founding in 2009. Today, Take Out Kidz continues to grow as a community, fostering passionate dancers of all levels of experience to explore, improve, and innovate in dance.

Dancers: Ava Zhu, Christina Yee, Emily Mendyke, Emily Vuong, Erin Chen, Eugene Y Lee, Faith Yasuda, Helen Zhan, Hillary Chu, Jennifer A Takao, Jeremy Jou, Jessica Ai, Joshua Lin, Keala Sunada, Kristen Jackson, Kunhua Cheng, Liana Chen, Madeline Lee, Maggie Yang, Makenzie Kan, Megan Tseng, Nami Suzuki, Nancy Nguyen, Nathan Gee, Nolan Jeung, Ray Wu, Ricardo Pedrayes, Sophia Chung, Sophie Zhao, Sydnee Tan, Timmy Chin, Van Nguyen, Vestna Khok, Xander Specht, Yiming Jia

Choreographed by: Hanna Jaynes, Jackie Ting, Griffin Benado

Music:Better Days” by Dermot Kennedy, “Haunted” by Beyoncé

Club Description: MERGE Contemporary Dance is a recreational contemporary and stylistic jazz dance club that is centered around building an inclusive community through dance. No audition is required, and all levels are welcome! For more information, please follow us on Instagram @cpmergedance

Dancers: Abby Dorman, Alex Sullivan, Alyssa Guerra, Alyssa Turn, Amanda Schmier, Ariel Metscher. Blake Shaffer, Brooke Findlay, Cassi Sustayta, Cassie Meyer, Charlotte White, Chiara DeTata, Claire Wiater, Colby Galassi, Cosette Gibler, Daniella Day, Diana Owen, Drew Valentino, Ella Kanelakos, Ellie Wrage, Emily Petroni, Emma Booker-Dodd, Eva Horovitz, Faith Lesuer, Grace Montgomery, Griffin Benado, Hanna Jaynes, Izze Gunn, Jackie Ting, Jaylene Rodriguez, Jessica McArthur, Jiashee Thao, Joshua Lin, Juliete Seo, Kaitlin Duran, Katie Murillo, Katya Tsikina, Kelsea Clays, Keyle Potts, Lauren Van Neck, Lea Rocheleau, Liana Chen, Lina Boukhateb, Maddie Ronia, Maddie Yaghi, Madeliene Bredek, Madeline Sickert, Madison Hirsch, Makenzie Kan, Mizuki Small, Reese Hill, Rose Pham, Sam Margolin, Sara Sjoblom, Sarai Devi Dasi, Seina Haruta, Tori Lepur, Tori McClelland

Choreographed by: Angelo Lozano, Isabella McLoy, Avanti Gummaraju, & Melvin Tabios

Music: “Plain Jane Remix (feat. Nicki Minaj)” by A$AP Ferg, “Nasty” by Brenzy, “Say It.” by Ebz the Artist, “Always Be My Baby” by Brasstracks

Club Description: United Movement is a non-audition dance club at Cal Poly SLO. We foster a safe and inclusive environment where individuals of all backgrounds and abilities come together to learn and grow as individuals and dancers. UM upholds its motto: Growth in Community; Community in Growth.

Dancers: Aaron Susantin, Alea Dosty, Alex Tran, Alexander Specht, Ally Wilhelm, Ananya Yerneni, Angee Fang, Angel Jeen, Angela Choi, Angelo Lozano, Anthony Bui, Avanti Gummaraju, Bella McLoy, Blair Cabunoc, Briana Kirkman, Cat Esguerra, Chloe Wu, Cortez Barriente, Crystal Doan, Darya Aleali, Deanna Nguyen, Diyun Su, Elijah Malabuyo, Emily Labrador, Emily Mendyke, Evelyn Young, Ged Mulingtapang, Harrison Vinas, Hirsh Kedia, Jacob Amezquita, Jacob Kwong, Jed Narvaez, Jessica Vanden Beukel, Jessie Vo, Joey Aguirre, Joie Rahn, Joie Wong, Jordan Perlas, Julianna Caballero, Juliette Garcia, Katherine Gomez-Martinez, Katrina Culman, Katrina Swenson-Aguirre, Kayla Guzman, Keiko Watanabe, Kristy Leung, Kylie Tolentino, Lainey Mirante, LanAnh Nguyen, Lea Graham, Lucia Moratinos-Chu, Makenzie Kan, Malia Weingarten, Marisol Mata, Matthieu Gol, Maxine Walas, Maya Sanchez, Mayra Juarez, Mayumi Paraiso, McKenna Grant, Melvin Tabios, Mena Kim, Mieko Oda, Misaki Tanabe, Natalie Murai, Nicole Freitas, Olivia Huyler, Ophelia Chiang, Phoebe Wong, Raelyn Flores, Reese Lashinski, Ronniesha Smith, Sachi Goli, Stacy Kikuchi, Trinity Sung, Tyra Adair, Zoila Kanu



Daryl Goh and Melvin Tabios featuring Devin Hilario and Jessica Parker

Faculty Club Advisor

Prof. Diana Stanton

2022-2023 United Movement Board

Co-Presidents: Daryl Goh and Melvin Tabios
Vice President: Avanti Gummaraju
 Ronnie Smith
Illuminate Director: Cat Esguerra
Marketing Director: Misaki Tanabe
Historian: Alex Liu
Dance Coordinators: Angelo Lozano, Bella McLoy
Secretary: Harold Aguirre
Social Chairs: Olivia Huyler, Katrina Swenson-Aguirre

Illuminate Planning Committees

Hirsh Kedia, Angelo Lozano, Bella McLoy, and Katrina Swenson-Aguirre

Jessica Vanden Beukel, Kristy Leung, and LanAnh Nguyen

Briana Kirkman, Alex Liu, Daniel Puga, Joie Rahn, and Ally Wilhelm

Harold Aguirre, Crystal Doan, Cat Esguerra, Daryl Goh, Avanti Gummaraju, Emily Mendyke, Lucia Moratinos-Chu, Melvin Tabios, and Alissa Wong

Cortez Barriente, Olivia Huyler, Lainey Mirante, and Misaki Tanabe

Avanti Gummaraju, Lea Kim, Lidia Nunez, Ronnie Smith, and Emily Vuong